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Welcome to my Official blog Patsy Ferrer, Philippines This blog is a reflection of who I AM... a Writer, songwriter, geek, nerd, drummer, guitarist, new media fanatic, movies, tv, music and arts addict. bunch of fandoms and OTPs in this site
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This is the very thing I rely to, the very thing that calm the vapid waves in my head and let me go on and keep this facade of a normal girl.
I’ve been diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorder for over 4 years now. It’s not easy and it’s a silent battle that not everyone can understand.



Looking forward to read #BlackWidow #3 :D #marvel

Finished 2 songs tonight! Recorded their demo versions and now I can go to sleep. #maudio #mtrack #nova #audiotechnica #music #songwriting.

Currently reading #Batman: The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller. A must read for all Batman/DC fans.
#frankmiller #dc #comicbook #superman #robin

Always look forward. #qotd #positivity #light


patsyferrer: I used a traditional script for your url/name. It was actually the first kind of script I learned to write. I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you very much! I love it!


I’m in the mood to do calligraphy. The first twenty people to reblog this will have their URL written in calligraphy by me and then tagged. The only rule is that you can’t reblog twice. ^_^

Just let me know. If you are in the first twenty and want your name instead, just ask.


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