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Welcome to my Official blog Patsy Ferrer, Philippines This blog is a reflection of who I AM... a Writer, songwriter, geek, nerd, drummer, guitarist, new media fanatic, movies, tv, music and arts addict. bunch of fandoms and OTPs in this site
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Funny how things happen in your life… What a lovely wednesday. Thank you.

Aww me too Whitney, me too.
#standup #comedycentral

Haha!’s Lily always makes the best recap for Once. #ouat #swanqueen

🌊 raining cats and dogs. #edsa

Oh I love Duffy’s songs this morning! thanks Spotify!

The feels…


Guy throws water at baby haim [x]

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Starting to build this project, been writing songs since I was in elementary and I’m finally scrubbing them and re-arranging them.

Music has always been my passion and I feel like this is the time for me to work on my music, to collaborate with other musicians and to explore the world. 

I can feel that hunger and thirst for writing and making music now more than ever and these couple of days it felt like the universe is telling me to start doing what I love doing and don’t over analyze.

Phoenix came from the basic concept that there is new beginning in every ending and with this I’ll compile all my stories over the years.

I’m not after the fame, I don’t care if I will get famous but I just want to get it out there.

Love, Peace and Light.

Sunday record: The man who invented soul. #teenagesonata #samcooke